Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mommy and Me Aprons

A few weeks ago I posted here about some aprons that I made and I told you I had something to show you with the last apron and I am finally getting my act together to show what I did with it. I have been thinking for a while about making an apron for kids to match the mommy aprons and I think these are really cute sets.
A friend of mine wanted to send a set of aprons to a friend of hers out of town. She liked this apron and wanted two kids aprons to go with it. I wanted to be sure that the apron could fit the kids for a long time so I made them with ribbon instead of fabric so they can be tied in a bow instead of having a one sized strap to go over your head.
Here is the finished kids apron and I really like the way they turned out. It will be great for kiddos that like to help mom in the kitchen. I have a few sets already cut out and I just need to get them sewn together so that they will be ready on Etsy to sell. If you are looking for a set just let me know and I can tell you what I have cut.

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