Thursday, March 22, 2012

EJ Oneise and Star Leggings

***Don't forget to go to Monday's post to enter the giveaway. I can tell we are all image driven people by the fact that I have no pictures on that post and I have not had a single person enter the giveaway.***

This Etsy order was for a little girl who is a Jr. and they wanted to put EJ on the onesie. I thought it was sweet to have the first name initial with the J for Jr. I am guessing they are calling her EJ but I was not for sure that was true.
The letters are so thin that the hounds tooth pattern on the fabric becomes a bit abstract. It looks fun like puzzle pieces. The leggings are cute little green stars on teal, the green is almost neon but not that bright. I am still a bit hesitant about neon being back in style and I think only kids can wear least I am not ready to wear it anywhere but my toenails (if even there).

I am in love with the fact that Spring has finally sprung, my favorite season! I hope you are enjoying the weather as much as I am.

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