Monday, March 19, 2012

Third Blog Birthday!

Today is the Third anniversary of this blog! Some days it feels like I have been blogging for a lot longer than three years and other days it feels like I am still new to this and still learning (and that is sort of true). As you learned last year I call my anniversary my blog birthday and I like to give presents.

I do not have pictures of the items that I am giving away this year and I am sorry about that, but trust me they will be cute.
Item #1
A custom designed Easter onesie for your little one. It will have an applique bunny on the front in festive fabric.

Item #2
A small sock monster made from recycled new socks. Tell me if you want a "boy" or "girl" monster when you win.

Here is how you can win.
1 leave a comment just to say hi
2 follow my blog and leave a comment with your favorite designerjules item
3 friend my facebook page and comment there under this post and comment here saying you did so
4 heart my etsy shop and comment here telling me you did so
(I will only use the comments to this blog post to determine the winners)

You get one entry per task above so your name can be entered once or up to four times. More entries more chances to win. You have until midnight (CST) on Friday night to enter. I will pick one winner for each item at random from the comments to this post at the end of the week and announce the winners.

Happy blog birthday and feast of St.Joseph our family's patron Saint. We are excited to go out tonight to celebrate and big bro bee got a popcorn pusher from Grandma today...he is excited to push it around.


Cathy said...

Hi Julia! I know plenty of moms that would love to receive either of these items!

Cathy said...

I'm a follower! Since we don't have any kiddos yet, I'd say a favorite item is the monogrammed napkins:

Cathy said...

I like your FB page!

Cathy said...

I heart your Etsy shope!

jmlo said...

count me in!

napkins were awesome (cause monograms are awesome!) and the medicine case was a great idea - i could also see it as a travel case for jewelry.

but of course, you know i love the tie keychains a lot!

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