Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Star Wars Onesies- Girl and Boy

I was shocked to find this in my archives this morning. I thought for sure that I had posted this before but I guess not. You may remember that I did a Star Wars onesie for a friend of mine with brown ink.
This time I had two different orders, one for a pink Star Wars onesie and one for a blue Star Wars onesie. I thought they were a lot of fun and as you could guess one was for a boy and the other for a girl. I think these are just the best present for those geeky parents who love Star Wars. I have yet to do one of these on a kids tee-shirt but that could be great for a vintage look or for those kids who have also fallen in love with Star Wars.
Here is a close up of the blue onesie, do you see that there is a bit of shimmer in this blue. I like how it adds dimension to the image.
The pink also has some shimmer to it, which again I love. I wonder what kind of reaction people get when their kiddos are wearing these. I hope it is good and that people love them. I need to think of some more vintage silhouettes to do on some onesies. Rainbow Bright? G.I. Joe? Any suggestions?

Also I am getting ready to do a giveaway and wanted to know if you guys had anything in particular you would love to win from me? I am looking for suggestions. Maybe I can even just give away a gift certificate.

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