Friday, March 16, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #107

This week we have more neutral fabrics that I purchased when I was shopping for neutral breastfeeding covers. I was never really a big fan of the color grey, actually I used to really not like it at all but something has changed. Is it because my husband loves the color grey? Is it because half of my hair is now grey? haha I don't know but I am finding myself more drawn to it. So here are a few fabrics that I picked up with some grey tones in them.
The top fabric is a grey hounds tooth and this one I purchased to make a breastfeeding cover from. I like the color grey used in this fabric, it is almost like a warm grey with some brown in it. The fabric below that is a zebra print. Who doesn't love animal prints? I think this is a dark grey or even black and white pattern that I only have a small piece of. I think this would be fun to do as an applique on an onesie. Finally there is the black grey and white pattern at the bottom. This one screamed out to me for my holiday towels. I think I might use this fabric for the "New Year's Eve" applique.
Well like I said I am learning to love grey a bit more and in the next few weeks you will hear me talk about grey a bit more. I guess that is what happens when you love someone, you try to see where they are coming from and I guess I have seen where my hubby is coming from and have learned to like certain shades of grey.

I wish I had something green on here for St. Patrick's Day. I hope you all have a great weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.

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