Friday, March 23, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #108

This almost looks to me like a baby post with all of these soft soft baby colored fabrics. What will it be a boy or a girl? Great question but we are not finding out with baby #2 what it will be. I have some fun posts coming up about room changes and redecorating.

Back to the fabrics...I think I picked these up a while ago and am just now getting the chance to post them. The fabric on the bottom or left is a little piece I picked up and has nothing really to do with the others but I think it would be perfect as a border at the bottom of hand towels or as part of an apron. The light pink flannel is a tone on tone circle and I would love to use this on the back of a taggie blanket for a little girl. Both of the other two fabrics, the blue and pink are those super soft minky fabrics and these would be great coordinates to some bold patterns as lovies.
Sounds like these are all going to be turned into blankets and I can not wait to start sewing more now that I am less tired in the second trimester. Maybe one of these will be used by my future baby to be if no one else falls in love with them first.
Last but not least I found this cute white on blue polka-dot flannel fabric to go with this set but forgot to photograph it at the same time. Now I have two baby flannels and minky fabrics to start my sets of blanket/lovies. 
All of you out there with babies and kiddos, do your little ones love their blankets? My son loves his to cuddle with while he sleeps. I hope you have a great weekend!

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