Monday, February 13, 2012

Something Pretty To Wear While Cooking

So I don't really cook. I mean I make meals for my family because we need to eat but I would not say I cook. I put chicken on a pan to bake, make rice, and boil some veggies....sad. I would love to have more passion and desire for it but I do not. I would rather sew or even clean. When I do get around to cooking a lot I love to wear aprons, you can just wipe your hand on it and not worry about your clothes. I cut a bunch of aprons out of fabric that I had on hand and here are a few that I had a chance to sew.

This apron actually sold and it takes me back to retro sixties kitchens with pink and green. The pink fabric on the waist and ties is a pink polka dot fabric.
I still have this apron and it is perfect for Valentine's day tomorrow! It is a brown fabric with pink, yellow, orange, and white hearts on it. I coordinated it with brown and white polka dot fabric.
Finally I made this one out of this fun bold pattern with the coordinating black and white dot. I love these color and how bold they are against the white background. It sort of reminds me of artwork during the Pop Art movement. Those bold posters that look like they are from the comics. This apron is sold but I would be happy to make one just like this again! I think it is just so fun.

This apron will be featured again hopefully with the two children aprons that I made to go with it.


Jess said...

So cute, love them!

Jess said...

So cute, love them!

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