Friday, February 10, 2012

New Fabric/New Find Friday #103

I am always on the lookout for shirts and camisoles to layer with shirts and dresses that are low cut in the front. I have a whole drawer full of camisoles but some of them are just not cutting it anymore. They make me too hot, they are too low in the front, or I have to keep pulling it down because it bunches around my hips. When I was pregnant I couldn't wear some of them because as my belly got larger they would not fit or just ride up my belly. I saw these Halftees and was so excited to find an option to make dresses more modest but not add bulk around my waist.

Here are two images from their site. The one above is the tank top under a dress and the picture below is of the long sleeved lace shirt under a dress. Two totally different looks.

I wanted to post this testimony from their site as well since I have not gotten one for myself yet.
"I can't say how much I love these! I can make almost any dress or top modest now, without feeling bulky and being able to nurse my little one easily!"

That is really all of the reasons that I can not wait to get one for myself. Check them out HERE. Now I have to figure out which ones I want to buy. Do I get the tee-shirt, the 3/4 length shirt? Off to figure that out.

I am not receiving anything from Halftee for posting this New Find.


Jen said...

That's awesome. I've gone to the girls section and bought shirts on clearance and then chopped them. Works really nicely. I like how these are hemmed well and cut to look good when layering. Waay out of my price range, but definitely worth promoting!

Designer Jules said...

Jen, That is a good idea. I forgot to say that I have made my own but I don't like the way the bottom rolled and you could see it under shirts and dresses. I am going to try it out and I will let you know what I think.

Designer Jules said...

PS. I finally ordered two for myself. One tee-shirt cut and one boyfriend cut. I LOVE THEM! I wore the tee-shirt one under a tee-shirt that I feel uncomfortable in, I not only was able to be comfortable to move but I was not hot with another full layer. Excited to order more in the future.

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