Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finished Basement!

Here it is....the long awaited final basement post!! I was going to do this in two posts but decided that you were probably just way too excited to see it finished-and I am excited to show it to you. It has been finished for about a month, but there is still a TON of organization that needs to happen, not only on the finished side but on the unfinished side. Would you like to see posts about organization?

So here we are with the basement floor and rugs down. When we first put the rugs down I was not sure what I thought about all of the different patterns, I thought I might have made a mistake but now that it is all set up, it work. Sorry some of these pictures are not great, I tried touching them up but what can I say, a photographer I am NOT!
I am just in love with the animal print rug and I think it is my favorite part of the basement (well almost).
The faux wood foam tiles are great and make the basement warm and comfortable.
Here is another shot of the crazy patchwork rug. Do you see all of that fake wood grain? It took us forever to figure out how the tiles went together so you didn't notice the puzzle piece ends. I think it looks pretty good don't you?

Now on to the exciting part....
This first picture is from the stairwell looking toward the craft and desk area. I will have to do a close up of that area when I do my organization posts. I LOVE my new craft area, all of my tools right in one place and very little moving around if I plan my work correctly. Plus I get to sit right by my hubby as he does his paper work at the desk behind the pole. It is nice to finally be in the same part of the house together while we work, which is sometimes the only time we get to spend together alone.
Here you can see the desk a little bit better and file cabinet on the other side of the pole. This large desk is perfect for my husbands business paperwork. He can leave things out while working on them for days and it does not bother me or the rest of the household. Do you see our really old lame TV? We hope to one day move our entertainment center from upstairs down here and bring over my parents old, but new to us, TV. I will tell you more later about what we plan to do upstairs when we move the cabinet down. Do you see that little table and chair poking out of the bottom of the picture? That is my old kiddie table and chairs and I am so excited for baby bee to use one day. He already likes to stand at the chairs and bang on them. He can sit and color right next to me as I do stuff at my craft table.
This view is of the sitting area and play area. The shelves are bolted to the wall and already have a few fun toys in them that my nephews put into action when they came over. I need to get more bins or we will put book and long games in some of the shelves. I am not sure yet, I still have a lot of old toys to unpack. There is that nice open area perfect for trains and all sorts of lego building.The dehumidifier is there to be sure we have no mold problems, and after this huge renovation we do not want to have to do it all over again! I love the colors in the futon cover with the wall...almost a perfect match.
My craft table with cubbies (dark brown on top of the patchwork rug) is great. I plan put a big cutting mat on top to cut my large pieces of fabric. I also want to make a large ironing board that I can put on top when I need to iron but I can also move somewhere else when I need the table for something else.
Sorry that these pictures are so dark! I am in love with my new basement and I have a feeling that we will be hibernating down there all winter. I hope that it makes my sewing that much more productive. I already have been working on some items that have been in the hopper way too long.


The Happy Mother said...

Wow! It looks amazing! I love your craft area- what a dream! And I would love to find out more about your wood floors. We are hopefully going to undertake a similar project this spring and we aren't sure what to put on the floors.

Jess said...

Nice work! Looks great and you guys deserve it!

Jess said...

Nice work! Looks great and you guys deserve it!

Designer Jules said...

THM: I love the floors we put down and I would love to talk to you more about them. Here is where we bought them from...

The positives:
soft, warm on concrete, water resistant, removable, nice looking, helps with sound

The negatives:
price, the wood finish punctures easily leaving the lighter solid back showing. Dents easily with furniture.

I would love to talk to you more about it, and you can always swing by to look at it.

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