Monday, January 16, 2012

Flower Power Pins

Have you noticed that in the last two posts there were pictures that were sideways?! I have no idea why blogger does this but when I save the images on my computer they are correct and then it flips them in blogger. I have tried figuring it out and I heard that it might be the canon camera I am using doing something strange when I take a picture. Any photographers out there want to help me out? It would be nice if there was a rotate picture option once it is placed on the page. Oh well I hope you can live with a few of these at a strange angle.

This is not the first batch of flower pins that I have made so these might not be new and exciting but I thought I would show you what I have been up to.

Some of these were made to order and were given as Christmas gifts and others are at the Pink Butterfly and you can find them on Etsy as well. I used to have one on my purse, until I gave it up for a diaper bag. I loved adding a bit of color to my neutral purse. It would also look cute on a coat, on a headband or just in your hair, or even on a sweater or a scarf.

I don't make these a lot but they were really fun to do so maybe I should go through my scraps and start making more.


Wendy said...

Do you use a special fabric cutter for these or for your appliques, OR do you cut them all by hand? If you use a fabric cutter, what do you suggest? I am looking at some, but am not sure which is best for cutting fabric.

Designer Jules said...

I cut these by hand but I do have a cutter for cutting paper, vinyl, and fabric. I have a silhouette SD but am dying to buy a silhouette Cameo. I like it a lot because you can use fonts from your computer instead of buying cards for the machine. There are other fabric cutting machines that are out there that would be better for quilting etc. It depends on what you want to cut the fabric for.

Good luck!

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