Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Patchwork Rug

When I found out that I was having a baby I started planning out the baby nursery, oh heck before I was pregnant I was planning! We had a bunch of carpet samples that were discontinued at work and they were bright fun colors and I thought they would be great to make into a rug for the baby's play area.

The inspiration for this idea came from this rug found here.
I took the samples and started arranging them so that I could send them to a fabricator to have made into one large rug.
Here I laid the samples out and tried to evenly space the colors out. It was hard because there were a lot more blue samples than brown and black samples and it seemed so blue heavy for a while.
Here is the view from the other direction. I know that with them overlapping (there was not much floorspace to work on) it might be very hard to figure out how it is going to look in the end but I could see it and was very excited about it!! I labeled each one with a number and sent them along with a chart so that the fabricators would know what order to put them in. It was not cheap to have them cut and bound into a big rug but hey the samples were free, and the rug was unique.
Here is the finished rug in the basement! I love the way it turned out and baby bee already loves to touch all of the different textures of carpet and play on it. I can not wait until I can use this to teach him colors! I was just going to  use this rug for his play area but it is a different size than I thought so he will have to share his rug with me.

You also get a sneak peak of the finished basement with no furniture. I will have that final basement post for you next week. We still have a few things to put away and into place before I can take some final pictures. It is coming and I know you are all so excited to see how it turned out...and I can not wait to show you.


cathurynn said...

I love the rug! The colors are so bright and awesome.

cathurynn said...

I love this rug, Julie! The colors are so bright and awesome.

Jess said...

Ditto, LOVE IT!

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