Monday, December 19, 2011

Embroidered Handkerchief

I am not sure how many men still carry handkerchiefs but I know one who would appreciate it and I can not wait to give this to him as a birthday present. I am sure there are still young men who would like a personalized handkerchief but it seems like older men are the ones who carry them most often. Let's start a new trend! :)
This handkerchief is 100% linen and I just used a straight embroidery font for his initials. Red is his favorite color and I love how bold the letters look on the white. I think it would look so pretty in silver, white, or even grey thread; something subtle for those who do not want to attract attention. I really like the small detail around the outside with the small holes, makes it dressy without being over the top.
I hope to have this posted on Etsy as a custom item in the next few weeks. I am so excited that it is Christmas week and I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all there is to do. I will not be sewing between Christmas and January 7th (baby bee's birthday). I might be posting on the blog but it might not be as frequently. I will be back in full force in 2012 and cannot wait to see what next year holds. See you later this week...or next year.


The Happy Mother said...

Ooooh! My husband still uses them! And I try to always make sure that he has plenty of ironed ones in his drawer. My eldest daughter learned how to iron them, and she loves to help me. Let me know if you sell them and I will get some for him!

Designer Jules said...

I knew there were some classy guys out there that still used them! I have them for sale on Etsy. I will email you as well to talk about it further!

jmlo said...

i didn't know you were making handkerchiefs for Dave Matthews Band

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