Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Bib

It seems as if having a baby has inspired me a bit this year with some of the baby items I have been making. I also have great friends that share ideas with me too. Thank you to all of you! I wanted to make a First Christmas bib for baby bee and it was a bit of a progression but I like what I ended up with.
This is version 1: Christmas fabric cut into a 1 and then embroidered st and Christmas around it. After making it I really didn't like how the word was distorted too much over the 1 so I did a second one with the word Christmas below the one.
Here is a cute picture of my little one modeling the bib so you have an idea of the size. Sorry that is about as much of a picture of bee as you are going to get on here. ;)
This is version 2: I like that the word Christmas is not as obscured as it was on the first one. Much easier to read.
Version 3: This is the same idea with just a different fabric. This might be better for those in the crowd that would rather have a more modern feel to Christmas. I also had someone who asked for a 1st Hanukkah bib. Great idea! I might just have to search out some fabric that I like and make one up.

These bibs have been posted on Etsy already I am placing orders through Dec 13h for Christmas or if you are desperate shoot me an email and I might try to squeeze you in. I am trying so hard to get things finished and move my sewing area to the basement so we can finally get our Advent items out and get ready for Christmas.

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