Monday, December 12, 2011

Floral Napkins

While I was doing my 30 day challenge I made these beauties. Did I ever talk about my 30 day challenge? Maybe because I feel like it was sort of a flop in the end. I did end up making at least 30 items in 30 days but I did not always make one thing a day, some nights I just had to go to bed and was too lazy to get sewing. These napkins are 8 of the 30 things...see I wouldn't call it a big victory.
Even if it was not a victory I love how they turned out. I think they would hide a bunch of stains from everyday face wiping and are bright and cheery.
This first set is my favorite and if I didn't already own a TON of napkins I would love to use these in my home. They would also look cute in a picnic basket for a day at the park.
This set of two napkins sort of reminds me of something that would go well in a retro kitchen. Something with green tiled walls. This would also be cute for a picnic for two. I could monogram an initial on these so you are sure who's napkins is who's.
This set of two napkins might be a little bright but wouldn't these be great for a little girls tea party? I can just see a little girl using these as napkins, or towels for her play kitchen.

These sets of napkins should be for sale on Etsy asap!

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