Monday, July 18, 2011

Basement Part I

It was a year in April that everything was moved out of the right side of our basement in preparation for being finished. We were going to hire someone to do the wall system (an indestructible removable system) and then finish the rest ourselves. Well here we are over a year later and we don't have much more, well the three walls are finished and there is a window back where it was boarded up. I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! Everything that was in this part of the basement is not all over our house. Here is a before picture of the basement after we cleaned it out and before the walls went in.
I am really trying to be so patient with my husband and I know that so many things are out of his control (having a baby, breaking an ankle etc) but I can not wait to have this chaos removed from my life. I worry about when Bee starts crawling and how there is no part of our house that is and can be baby proof because of what we are doing in the basement and having stuff all over the house.

The good news is that when it is finished it will be a glorious space where we can all hang out and be together while doing what we need to do. There will be an office type area for my husband, a crafting area for me and a play/entertainment area for Bee. I realize we might have to gate off the craft area until Bee learns what he can and cannot play with, ie. the iron, but that is okay. It will be nice to contain all of the mess to this lower level and have some order upstairs where guest will enter.

In preparation for this moment I have been pinning lots of organizational ideas on pintrest that I might want to use in the basement. It is going to be so fun to finally have a space to decorate again from scratch. I have to pick the wall color for the fourth wall, flooring, arrange furniture and organize all three of the zones that I talked about earlier. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I get to do what I love, design and organization in order to make my hobby/second business easier to do.

I hope to keep you updated as the progress continues and show you more pictures and maybe I can even find a before before picture, one with all of our stuff in that part of the basement before we cleared it out.

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