Monday, July 11, 2011

Rain Cloud

Another really good friend and client who always sends me fun custom projects had another one up her sleeve. She sent me this picture and wanted me to create something for her like this (picture below). I said...sure! I love that this was created for a photo prop and I think it will look great in her son's room...or maybe she is going to put it in her room. :)
Well I took some blue fabric to make the cloud and tried to mimic the shape of the cloud. Not too bad for doing it freehand! Then I used a bunch of different colored ribbons to make the rain streamers. I think the original streamers were actually paper streamers but I didn't think that would hold up for very long so I thought ribbon would be the best.
I started out with one ribbon that had blues, browns, and creams in it and used that as my base for all of the other ribbons. I used some blue, brown, cream, grey, and blue ribbon. Some with polka dots, some with stripes and some solid. I also cut them different lengths to add some dimension. I think it turned out really cute and I think she likes it too! Bonus.

I always have fun doing things like this especially when I do not have a "due by" deadline. I can take my time and do these when I am not as busy with other items. What do you think?

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Jess said...

Love it, very cute!

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