Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Presents for E and C

I am learning more and more about my embroidery machine each day, what I can do with it, how to make it do what I want it to do, and just simple things like how to thread the needle. Let me tell you automatic needle threaders are great but tricky sometimes!
When I was working on these items that a friend commissioned for two new babies I ran into some more embroidery problems. I put the name Evan on this onesie and it ate a few holes in the onesie and it was puckered between the letters. I hated how it looked and decided to do it over again.
The second time making the onesie I thought I would try using my Yudu machine and screen print the name instead! I think it turned out MUCH better and I even changed the pattern and color of the outfit since I went ahead and gave them that other onesie for free, now they have two with different looks.
I really like how it turned out but I also wanted to fix the problems that I had on the other onesie so I went to learn more about my machine from the store where I purchased it and boy did I learn a lot. I hope that my future embroidery projects go so much smoother than this one did.
She also wanted me to add some initials to burp cloths so that she could apply ribbon and make them more personable for the two different babies. I love how simple the one initial is on the burp cloth, and thank goodness these went well on my machine!

There are more projects like this coming down the pike, be on the look out for a lot of personalized items.

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