Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhinestone Bride

Who doesn't love everyone to know you are the bride and about to get married! A friend was going to be in her really good friends wedding and wanted to make a "bride" and "mother of the bride" shirts for two of the most important ladies at the wedding. I helped her create the word images with my silhouette and rhinestones and she took care of ironing them to the shirts she got for these lovely ladies.

I think they turned out to be pretty cute. Great story from the bride is that she wore her shirt while they did stuff to prepare for the wedding, pedicures in this case, but her mom the MOTB wore her shirt at the rehearsal dinner! How great is that!
I love rhinestones and keep thinking of things that I want to add rhinestones to in my life. Maybe I will start out small with some flip flops or a small detail on an old pair of jeans. Can boys wear rhinestones? Rhinestone Cowboy? Probably not, guess I have to wait to have a girl before I can make cute personal rhinestone kid items. Although I already made something for my Goddaughter here.

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