Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Shirt For a Princess

My goddaughter is turning six this month and I wanted to make something special for her. I know my cousin (her mom) has been so upset because I was only making baby items for a while and she wanted something for her two girls. Now that I have more equipment and options I am coming through for her, this is the second thing I have made for them and not the last.
The birthday party is going to be a princess themed slumber party (that does not last all night) and I thought it would be cute to put the word princess on a shirt in some sequence for her to wear to school since the party will be a pajama party. This way she can have princess fun on her birthday during the day!
On the back I put her last name and how old she is in pink flocked heat transfer. It looks so cute! I used the idea of the font and jersey style layout from this post and I think it looks so cute.
The best part the shirt is that not only can she wear this all year (or really anytime- no one will know that the 6 means she is six) but if it does not fall apart in the next few months child #2 will get a chance to wear this as a hand me down during her 6th year of life. Bonus!! 

When my cousin got this in the mail she was so excited, I did not tell her what it was going to look like so it was a nice surprise. I hope her daughter loves it too when she opens this on her birthday.

Happy early birthday to my one and only goddaughter.

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Lauren said...

Thanks Julie!! She'll love it and I'll be sure to take pictures of her Friday.

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