Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aprons for Christmas

I am back with the second set of items that I made for my cousin's two girls. As we were talking about the birthday shirt the idea of aprons for Christmas came to her, and so I was off to create something cute for the aprons. We only talked about putting their name on it and I was given freedom to do the rest how I wanted. I went with something simple, block embroidery in white which pops against the black apron and a fun print for the pocket. I love big pockets on my aprons to hold things while baking and cooking and I am sure the girls will love the pockets too.
It could be so much fun to do the names in rhinestones and maybe a really simple pattern on the front, like apples or oranges or something. I was even thinking of just the words Bon Appetit with a spoon under it. So many options but I like the way this set turned out and again I think my cousin likes them too. Can't wait to see how the little cooks look in their aprons.

I am still taking orders for Christmas, I will be taking orders until December 1st. I need to make sure I can get all of the items made before Christmas and baby's arrival, just in case they decide to come early!

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V said...

Very cute! I love the pattern of the fabric... so girlie! :)

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