Friday, November 12, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #43

While I was out shopping a few weeks ago I picked up some fat quarters, usually I do not like to buy fat quarters because they are not big enough for most of my projects but what they are perfect for is applique on onesies and tee shirts. They were on sale so I picked up a few that I thought were really cute.
Here are three of the green ones that I picked up. The one on the left might just find a home in my kitchen. On the other two, I love the play of the colors together on the green background. Again here I am wishing for spring, and maybe I even got a little taste of it this week with the warm 70 degree weather we have been having.

I am loving that I can wear skirts without the need for leggings or stockings to keep me warm! It has been a great week but I am actually ready for sweater weather.

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