Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge

I have a lot of things I want to sew and make and I seem to fiddle around on the internet at night and don't get any sewing done. Now mostly I am spending time uploading pictures and starting blog posts but I always feel like I have done nothing at the end of the night, especially when I had plans to sew after I uploaded those 10 pictures. It is all very necessary but no one tells you that uploading pictures and writing posts, that are somewhat interesting (I hope) and free of errors, takes time...time that I don't have a lot of these days.
I am always trying to balance my time and I need to do that more now with bee. I am a night owl and when I get going I get jazzed instead of tired. So I am going to set my bedtime to midnight no matter what, and earlier is always better, so that when bee wakes up in the morning I am not a grouch.

So what about the challenge you ask? Well I have a lot of things half finished and ideas I want to move on so I am going to challenge myself to make one thing a night for 30 days. Now the hard part will be finishing something before the clock strikes midnight. I have my list and I am ready to get started!!
I will of course blog about it but not until December, I have a few other posts waiting patiently in the wings and I would like to feature those first. I will also be posting new items on Etsy, as I have been working on those for a few days. So not only will I be doing the 30 day challenge of sewing every night but I will be posting to Etsy, the blog and of course Facebook.

Wish me luck!!

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