Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Gift To Help Mommies

I was laying in bed last night at midnight when I realized that it was Wednesday and that I missed this post! Opps. My days are all messed up and it still feels like Wednesday today but the best news of all is that it is almost Friday!

Well there have been a lot of exciting posts this week with the Christmas Boutique info, giveaway, and now a special gift for a charity is close to my heart. Every year the local Natural Family Planning office holds a trivia night to raise money for women with infertility to help pay for adoption. Having many friends with infertility whether for a short time or on going and experiencing it a bit myself I feel for couples who want children so badly but can not have one of their own. They asked me to donate some items for the silent auction and I was happy to do so. I gave this gift basket the first year and attended the trivia night the first year. This year I can not attend but did donate these items below.
I did not have time to make as many items as I did the first year so instead I made two burp cloths, a pair of baby leggings, and a cute oneise with a cat on the front. This picture does not do them justice but they all have yellow and orange in them and they all coordinate with out matching too closely. I think this set is perfect for a boy or girl. I hope that the person that get this really enjoys it!
Here is a closer picture of the cat. I had this blue fabric with the cat already appliqued on it and I thought how cute and perfect for the oneise. I just stitched it to the onesie and I like how bold the cat is and how whimsical. 

The event is this Saturday evening and if you would still like to attend I am sure they would love to have you. You can find out more information here.

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