Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yes the title is so original, but I just can not think of anything original today. I embroidered this set of bloomers as a gift for a new baby. This was done in the same colors as the "Poppy" bloomers from here. I like this thread color, it is pink with some coral in it making it not as bubble gum pink as you see for most baby girl items. It has some punch to it and stands out against the white bottom.
I am realizing how different my laptop screen is from my desktop screen. When loading this on my laptop the color looked fine but now as I go to post this on my desktop (without the original file) I realize how discolored the image is. I hope that you just get the idea of what these look like and look back to the "Poppy" post for a better idea of color.

I have posted these bloomers on Etsy and would be happy to work with you to create a custom item. I can do a name like shown above, an initial embroidered, an initial appliqued in fabric, or even a shape like a heart or shamrock or something like that. Please email or convo me on Etsy so we can talk about what I can create for your little girl.

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