Monday, October 24, 2011

Fresh Poetry Ink.

You first heard about them in this post and now I am back to show you the new tablecloth that I made for them! I was asked to make a tablecloth with their name and website on it for when they are out on the town writing poems. I thought it would be a fun challenge to work on something like this and said yes! The font I used resembled a typewriter font and the typewriters on either side I thought would add a nice touch and frame the wording.
After pricing out the fabric I decided it would be more cost effective to just buy an already made tablecloth and screen print on that. I found this light grey Ralph Lauren table cloth that was large enough for their folding table and went to town designing the font and images. We worked on sizing and made it a bit bigger than I thought in the beginning to be sure that it can be seen from across a street.

I finally finished and gave it to the owner a few weeks ago and he seemed to like it and even said it was better than he expected it to be! I hope that he still feels that way and that this ends up being a great way to attract people to his table.

As I said before you can also have them create a poem for you via their website. Check them out! 

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