Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Etsy Sale

 Finally after about six months of having items on Etsy I received an order! I was so excited to finally have a sale. This set of baby leggings and personalized onesie turned out pretty great! The leggings are an orange and red wide stripe and I think that color combination is great. The fabric that I paired it with is a sweet little random dot pattern, red background with multicolored dots. I think it is fun and youthful and I used it again for two other items that you will see in a few weeks.
A fun punch of color on a white onesie. Since this order I have had a few more Etsy orders, some from people that I know and others from new clients. I am so glad to meet new people even though an order. I hope they are just as happy with the finished product as I was making it for them.

I am working hard to create more things for the Etsy site and I hope to post them in November after the Boutique November 5th.

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