Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Brother Big Sister Shirts

A friend and great supporter of my items wanted to do a big brother and big sister shirt for her older kiddos in prep for baby #3 that was due to arrive any day. Really all I did here was help her cut out the big brother and big sister. The shirts turned out to be so cute! She cut out birds from my scrap fabric and sewed them on the two shirts and one for herself.
Here are two pictures from the photographer that she used (and also works for) showing the kids with their shirts and her with her shirt. On hers she put three birds, one for each child out of fabric matching the bird on their shirt.
If you notice there is a third bird and I do not have a picture of the third little bird shirt. He was born after this photo was taken and so I will have to follow up with a picture of that one later. You can learn more about this photographer HERE and read about the deal that they picked up for all of these photos HERE.
I can't wait to see how this new little bird completes this beautiful family!

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