Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Year

My cousin's daughter just had her first birthday a few weeks ago and my cousin asked if I would make a shirt for her! I was so excited to do so because I wanted to try out a new way of making one year shirts so I can start making more of them, and so I can one day make one for my little man too. I have used my screen printing machine before to create things like this and this but that is so expensive for each name that I want to apply. Then I tried to print the kiddos name in the number and I liked that but still wanted have the name displayed boldly. Finally I realized that I could use my silhouette to cut out the name with heat transfer paper.
The one is out of the pink and brown polka-dot fabric that I used on her onesie here way back when and her name is out of the pink flocked iron on transfer that I had on hand. I like the way it looked and I think I see so many fun things in my future with this way of doing the shirts. I can imagine a lot of different aged shirts 1 and up. I was also thinking of adding some rhinestone bling to this but I might try that next time, not sure quite where to put it yet.
From the looks of my cousin's pictures this little girl had a great first birthday and this was just one of THREE super cute birthday shirts she wore! I was so proud that my shirt made it out during one of a few birthday cake smashing parts of the party (or maybe it was parties).

There is more numbered shirts and onesies where this came from....I will be back in a few months with more!

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