Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Donation

I have not had a lot of time to do crafting like I would like to. It is always a struggle when you work full time, volunteer (what feels like full time), and then try to cook and keep your house clean. Sometimes the crafts take the back seat.

The summer went by rather quickly and all of a sudden it is fall and I have a few more projects I really need to get done. So stay tuned I will have some more things coming soon. A few presents and a few more donation pieces.

I made these pieces out of wallpaper for our Church's festival to sell. There are a few things I have done before and a few new ones.

A journal with matching note cards. I have similar striped note cards to come soon.

Here are more note cards, same pattern I used before on note cards this time with different colors.
Here is the front of the new clipboard that I am now loving to make. It has clear cover on it that helps it become a quasi dry erase board.

Here is what the back looks like, matching pattern.

Here are ALL of the things that I made that I made to donate. I will have a post about the cache soon.

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