Monday, April 13, 2009

New Craft tool!

I was just reminiscing the other day about how much fun silk screening was back in my Fibers class in college and about how great it would be to do it again. Then the very next week I see an email from Michael's that they were going to start selling the YUDU a silk screening machine!!!! I was excited!

Normally I don't like to use too many tools or things that I have to buy for each of my projects. I like to try to use things that I already have, old stamps, my computer, craft scissors from a few years ago. I also don't like to spend a lot of money, always going for the sale or the reused item, but I just heard about the YUDU and I just can not wait to go buy one!!! It is about 300 dollars which seems like a lot but think of all of the great things I can make. Not only can I print on all of my great fabric crafts projects I have in my head, but on my paper projects, wood, and who knows maybe even more! I am not sure when but I hope to get it before August (there is a gift card incentive attached). So be on the lookout for fun craft projects coming soon!

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