Monday, July 13, 2009

*New* Dressers

Here is the second post with stuff that I did over the 4th of July weekend.

I had these two dressers that were brown with brass knobs that just needed some freshening up in preparation for going in the orange room that was just painted. I think white will look so much better in there than brown, don't you agree! :)

Here is the two drawer dresser before the paint job.

Here is the dresser in process in the garage, good thing we had such great weather so I could sand and paint in the garage without sweating too much.

Here is the finished product in the room. The knobs don't look that different but they are brushed chrome. I hope to one day put colorful ceramic ones on but I am still trying to find what I like.

Here is the six drawered dresser before being transformed. Here you can see the shine of those dated pulls, circa 1070's.

In process sanding to be sure the paint sticks, good thing my handyman husband has a hand sander.

Finally here is the finished product. I just love this! It looks better in person and will look great in the orange room. It won't be living there until we rearrange some other things but it looks great in the guest room as well.

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