Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back At The Machine

Well it is has been three months since I posted on here and I can not believe it has been that long. I have had my hands full of baby these past few months, which I love. We were so blessed to have another baby boy in September!  We didn't have a nickname for this one in the womb but have been calling him a little squirrel so that is what he will be called on here....or maybe beebee. That is what baby bee calls him. :)

I hope to jump back into blogging, probably totally sporadically and boring like before but I want to try to get better. I might even post a few linked posts to other blogs and even talk about my personal life a little more. That might make some of you happy to read, and might gain a few new readers, or maybe not. Isn't that the goal of blogging? More readers? Nah I just like having a little corner of the internet where I can talk about the fabric and projects that I love. I just hope to gain a few readers here and there.

So much has been going on here, new baby, I am now a full time stay at home mom, and we had a HUGE flood in our basement that we are just putting back together. I hope to talk about all of these things and more in future posts. For now I just wanted to tell you that I am back at the machine and back on the blog.

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Amy B said...

This post reminded me of your comment on my blog about the 7 Quick Takes, which I never responded to. I think you should totally start doing them! It is a great blogging discipline (when you stick to it, *ahem*AMY*ahem*). And it can bring new readers to your website. If you don't want to move your "New Find" feature to another day, I can think of one of two ways to handle that. Either have 2 posts per Friday (you don't have to write both of them on Friday, you can always write one earlier in the week and then schedule it to be posted on Friday), one in the morning and one in the afternoon perhaps. OR, you could incorporate New Find Friday into your QTs - which would automatically give you at least 1 QT each week! Whatever you decide, I think you should totally jump on the QT bandwagon. And I need to get back on the wagon myself. ;)

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