Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick Takes #15

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

Ok I think I need a life intervention or a life coach or a nanny, chef, and maid. I might have talked about these last three things before but today I want to talk about 7 of the millions of reasons why I am not great at blogging....

1. Introvert vs extrovert. I have been hearing a lot the past few months about how a lot of bloggers consider themselves introverts and that is why they like to blog. My extroverted friends all talk about wanting to have a blog but that they would much rather go out and hang out with people. So I wonder where I really fit into these categories. I am an introverted extrovert? or maybe an extroverted introvert? I love talking to people on the phone and hanging out with people but since having kids all I want to do is stay home. The thought of a play date is exciting (getting to hang out with adults) and terrifying (all the prep and dealing with the children's aftermath) at the same time.

2. Time. I feel like there is never time to blog. I can only really efficiently do it on my laptop and the prime time to blog is when the kids are asleep...and the hubby is on the computer. drat. I can use my phone but I HATE typing on that thing. The way the auto correct is on there I feel like it takes ten times longer. Maybe it is because I am not used to it, or maybe I need to change my settings. I wish I could crank out posts during naptime but squirrel is still inconstant at the length of nap. I am so pooped after playing, cooking, laundry, picking up, reading, answering a million questions running errands, etc that the thought of doing anything during naptime but surfing the internet and eating cookies makes me want to nap.

2. I have a MILLION projects that I have been working on and are waiting for me to blog about, but really who wants to see yet another breastfeeding cover that looks just like the one from yesterday? I need to split the boring posts up with....more boring posts?! :) I would love to finish all of the projects that I started instead of spending time finding a cool way to show you what I have been up to.

3. I have nothing to talk about.

4. Or maybe I do have something to talk about and I think, oohh I should put that on facebook or blog it...and then I think, who wants to read that?! I think the post will be boring or that maybe I am being too self-centered in thinking anyone wants to read my thoughts.
(Here we about to ride the first bus ride. Yes my son went on a bus before I did.)

5. Pictures...oh my. How do you ladies have time to take awesome pictures and then put so many in your blog posts?! I am still learning how to use my nice canon camera and sometimes it saves the pictures sideways. I have no idea how to change that so I have to flip them in a photo program and make them the right size so that blogger will let me post them. I might just have to start using more pictures from my cell phone which takes pretty good pictures and I think I can put them into my posts on my phone. Still takes longer to type on that crazy thing.

(Here is a bad example of bad selfies that we take around here. ;) )
6. Content and voice.  I am a bad speller and not a great writer and really I know that people love to read blogs because of a certain bloggers voice and content. They are serious, funny, relatable, and they do it naturally. Sometimes it takes me so long to write a post because I am trying to write something everyone will want to read. I need to start just writing in my voice. It might not be the best, and it will have many spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors but the words will be out there.

7. L A Z Y. I think what it comes down to is that I am lazy. The kids are napping for who knows how long and instead of pounding out some words or sewing some stitches I just sit. In front of the tv, the cell phone, the computer. At night I again do the same and hours fly by. Sometimes I think to start something and just get sucked into youtube videos and then it is past my bedtime and I know I have to go to bed.

So that is why I am not great at blogging. I want to hop on here and keep you updated on what is going on with my sewing etc but I don't want it to consume my every thought and action so I guess you will see me sometimes and other times know that I am zoning after a long day of laundry, diapers, cooking, shopping, cleaning, sewing, and lovin' on my family.

Wow that turned into more of a downer post than I was going for. Yikes. Anyway I hope to be back in action and kick my laziness aside.

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