Monday, August 26, 2013

What I Wore #22

What I Wore Sunday linkup

I have been wearing the same outfits for the past few months but I have a new outfit that I like and wanted to share it. It is so comfortable and will be a great transition from summer to fall. It has been my go-to outfit for a few weeks now so you haven't been missing much.
As soon as I got this skirt from I have been loving it. I had to hem it because maxi skirts are always too long on my 5' frame but that was pretty easy. I have worn this to Mass several weekends and even to a bridal shower and when we had friends over for dinner. So it has already gotten a lot of wear.
I have also paired it with a black belt over this tucked and un-tucked. The belt is great when ones is feeling like they have had too many ice cream sandwiches. :) If you don't see me for a while you can guess I am wearing this or a few other of my old standards.

Clothing Details:
Top: Target
Skirt: (can't remember the maker)
Shoes: payless


so many things to love... said...

Great shirt! Team Whitaker had a red and white one too!

Designer Jules said...

Thanks for the comment. I always love Team Whitaker's outfits!

Jess said...

You look great!

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