Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Load of Screen Printed Shirts

One day I decided to screen print a bunch of shirts and onesies that I had in stock. I came up with some ideas of what I wanted to put on each one and then just went for it. I actually had these on my Etsy page and took them to a sale where I sold most of them. I only have a few of these left but of course would be happy to make one for you if you so desire.

I am totally in love with this little recycling onesie. I have a friend who is nuts about recycling and maybe she will like something like this for her new little one on the way. I sold this one but have plans to screen print a few more.
Mustaches are all the rage now with boys being little men. I think this is so cute and I actually have another one to screen print soon that I am going to put little man above the mustache.
I think this is just a sweet little birdie for a sweet little girl. Simple and sweet.
What little boy doesn't want to rock out with a guitar on their shirt?
Sorry the picture is sideways. I love this pink butterfly on the pink onesie. So soft and sweet.
My little guy loves diggers and all kinds of trucks and when he is a bit older I am sure he will love to wear a shirt like this.

 This moose is just too cute! He has a bell on him and could be a Christmas reindeer or just a northern moose.
Last but not least there is the owl tee-shirt. Whoooo doesn't love a little owl on their shirt. I have another friend who loves owls and I think this will be right up her alley.

I am having so much fun with screen printing and I have a stack of shirts and onesies that I am going to screen print this week. Any designs that you would like to see?

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