Monday, June 18, 2012

Next House Project....Invisible TV

Well the sickness has almost left our house. I hate how summer colds seem to last forever. You know what happens when you are sick and laying around your house? Look around and find a million projects you need/want to do. So for the sake of keeping myself honest and being excited about some of the ideas I thought I would share them with you.
It seems as if there is always a running tally of things to be done, as I am sure you know all about if you own a home. These are not very exciting but need to be done, like...

fixing basement corner leak,
landscaping (need to dig corner and fix that before putting in plants),
under cabinet lights (which we bought just need to put in)
insulation in the walls (not sure if we are going to do this but would help babies sleep so we can walk around our house at night without being afraid of waking babies),
living room drapes (I have had the fabric for NINE years and it is what the house color scheme is based on...need to get done),
big boy room (almost ready to show that one off!!!)
Makes changes to baby room (get new bed, and wait until after baby is born to change fabrics if it is a girl).

Then there are the big projects that will be down the road (maybe like two years away) but are really exciting to think about and plan for.

We are not huge tv watchers but love to watch movies and when not watching the tv in some form like to have it hidden. Right now we have a nice cabinet that it sits in closed but the room it is in is so cold that I would love to have an electric fireplace. SOOO my big dream is to have a fireplace and then put the tv into the wall above it and hang two way glass (mirror) over it. That way when not in use it looks like a mirror but when you turn the tv on you can see the screen.

This picture above is what I am talking about. See how you can see the tv screen but imagine the tv being off, you would just think this is a nice mirror.
Electric Fireplace Cabinet — 5115 BTU, 38in., White, Model# FP-11-19-08-38-WHT | Buy Item# 122591 now for only $259.99
Here is an image of an electric fireplace piece like I would have in the room. This would actually be something that you would plug in and would blow heat out of that vent while looking like a fire. The piece of furniture would double as a storage area, heater, pretty fireplace, and mantel.

Here is another image of a fireplace with a tv above it. I don't want the tv to be that obvious. Of course we will still have to buy a flat screen tv to put into the wall. The box that the tv would be in would actually be in the garage (on the other side of the wall is the garage) so I wouldn't want it to be a huge old tv.

Then the tv cabinet and old tv would go down into the basement for kiddos to watch old vhs movies when need be. We are so not there yet.

So this project is a long time coming but doesn't it sound cool?! I am really excited about this idea and hope that one day it happens.

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