Friday, May 31, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #131

Wow I have been busy around here and I am missing you blog friends. I hope to jump back on the blogging wagon and start to post more often. It seems like now that the warm summer weather hit I have been busy with all kinds of things around the house and no time for blogging.

I love these fabrics that I have to show you today so lets drool over some pretties! The first fabric is a pink and green stripe, pretty simple but also so happily girly. The second fabric is a blue and white flannel with giraffe print on it. I think that is giraffe, not so sure about my animal skins. I have already cut these out to make mini taggie blankets and I hope to get working on those while I am on Etsy vacation next month. Then there are those cute green frogs on the pink and white dot flannel fabric. So soft and fun! Last but not least a green PUL which is for diaper covers but I used it to make some new diaper pail bags and travel wet bags for the car. The green is great because it is unisex and goes with the fabric in the boys room (where the diaper pail sits).
Here they are again, don't those two middle fabrics look so soft and cozy?! Hope to be back in a bit with another post. I might be hit or miss for the next few months of summer, a great time to get outside with the kiddos and I am going to work on a few big projects around the house. I will be sure to over share about all of them!

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