Friday, September 13, 2013

Quick Takes # 16

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 198)

1. This is probably not new news for anyone but the clothing store H&M now has a website and you can order online. I don't really get out shopping very much unless I am in Target but I always see cute clothes that other bloggers wear that they purchased from H&M so I thought I would give the site a try. I have yet to actually buy anything yet because I am a bit maxed out in the clothing department but man did you see the dressing room feature? So cool. Well I just went to look for the link to show you how cool it is and I can't find it. Maybe it is only on the app? Or maybe they got rid of it but it was so cool that you could see how it looks on a "person" with your measurements before you order it. Too bad it is not a guarantee that it will fit.

2. Speaking of clothing. There is a new website that I heard of a few weeks ago called Go Chic or Go Home. I go on there every once in a while to get ideas of outfits. Ever since I have been staying at home I have been trying to figure out what to wear. I am used to wearing business causal since that is what I wore to work but now that I am at home with sticky kids I know that I can't really wear those same outfits that I used to wear. I just want a few ideas on how to transition and I love that there are pictures of normal people wearing different styles of outfits. You can also upload you clothing to help you put outfits together or just download your outfit pics that you take. If you are looking for a way to wear that white skirt you can just search for ways that others have worn white skirts. Something that I need figuring out how to wear things.
3. Bee loves to wear his sunglasses outside and I think he is pretty much the only child that we see out and about with sunglasses on and he always get the comments like "cool dude" and "love your shades." HA He started wearing them because he hates bugs flying in his face and in the early summer there were quite a few little gnats outside. I hate those things too, always right in your eyes driving you crazy. So I don't mind him wearing sunglasses not only to "protect him" from the bugs but to keep the sun out of his eyes.  

4. I have been wanting to get into shape now that I think we have a good routine around these parts. I just need to motivate myself. We have a gym membership but it is so hard to get there with kids and they don't have child care. I have some workout videos and I just need to get up earlier in the morning and do it! It isn't about loosing weight it is about toning all of the muscles that have been out of use for 2+ years. Working on the pain in my back that I am sure is from a weak abdomen. Wish me luck Jillian here I come!

5. I am excited that shows are starting their seasons up this month. I have been wanting something to watch at night while sewing and there isn't much to choose from on hulu during the summer. I watched The Office last year and was glad with the final show but am a bit sad that it is over. I now need to go back and watch the first two seasons, I think I started watching season 3 or 4. Downton Abby and Call the Midwife are what I am really waiting for but it might be a while until they start here in the USA, in January, right BBC watchers? Here is a clip of the Season 4 trailer.
6. I am now an android user and really love my new phone. Maybe that is because I can now text for free or because the pictures that my camera takes are almost better than my good camera (not really but close) and I can get on the internet while in free internet hot spots. AWESOME. Welcome to 2013 me. haha
7. There is a local ice cream shop about two blocks away that is closed...for good. I realized this about half way through the summer and I am still really sad about it and drive by just to see if they opened again. It is called Spanky's and I miss it. I loved the Snickers concretes and I guess I will have to go to DQ which is not as close to my house. Maybe I should try making my own!!


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