Monday, September 16, 2013

Newer Designs for Onesie

You have seen other screen printed onesies that I have done and I was ready to try out a few new ideas that I had. They have been on Etsy but I have  yet to talk about them here. Man I am behind in my blog posts. So after having a few babies that have made me rise a bit ealier than I normally would have before babies and thought this early bird onesie would resonate with many moms.

Speaking of no sleep, this onesie is a take off of a bumper sticker that I have seen around town and totally makes me think of not only night owls but newborns that are awake and ready to play at night.
This onesie was recommended by a client at a craft fair. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan but I think this is great for those who love those books. You can't tell from this picture but this is printed in a iron color. It is a black that has some shimmer to it. It just reminds me of iron and metal, looks cool in person.
Can you tell that our kiddos have both been criers? I think this is cute for the colic baby who just needs to be a bit crabby sometimes.
I have always wanted to create a bee onesie for my little one since that was his nickname. I of course did this way too late and he of course can not wear this but I still think it is cute to have a little bumblebee on a onesie. It is screen printed in gold ink.
You have seen a mustache onesie in my collection before but this one I just added little man on it, simple and cute.

This moose is a giveaway winner from last year. Here is the post about the giveaway to check out the other version of the moose that I did, on a tee-shirt.
Loving the green on the white onesie.

Here is the past set of screenprinted shirts that I posted about a while ago. Enjoy. I hope to have yet another set up and ready for you to see in the next few weeks.

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