Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"I Love Grandma" Onesie Set

How do you like this cute set?! I thought for sure I had already posted about these but I guess not! My good friend had a baby boy a few months ago and her mom wanted me to make this set for her. :) Of course she isn't a proud grandma at all. (WINK)
This set lasts a whole year (as long as he doesn't grow too much) and we picked four different fabric for the hearts and then I used coordinating ink colors to go with the fabric.
Here are close ups of the different onesies. This one below is a long-sleeved hopefully for fall/winter time.
I love this blue ink...has some shimmer to it. Nothing says boys can't have a little bling too.
Here is the main man wearing his onesie. Doesn't it look cute on him?!

These have already been a hit on Etsy and I have even changed the Grandma part to different names of people. They could even say I love puppies etc. So many options.

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