Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bagel Onesie and Breastfeeding Cover

When my cousin called and said she wanted a onesie with a bagel on it I was dying to hear the story. :) Her best friend had a baby and their last name is hard to pronounce so my cousin's daughters called her best friend's fiance (before they were married) Alan Bagel. SO as a running joke they were calling this baby to be, baby bagel because they were waiting to find out the sex of the baby.
So here is what we came up with. A white onesie with a brown bagel screen printed on the front. Doesn't it look cute?! It looks so good you could eat it. Ok not really.
Sorry the lighting is so bad, sometimes when I take pictures I just want to get them taken and the lighting in the basement is really good for working but bad for pictures.
This is the fabric that my cousin decided on for the breastfeeding cover. I love this Amy Butler fabric and hope that mama does too. She totally thought she was having a girl but she had a boy so I am glad we picked something with a little blue in it but then again because it is floral it has some feminine qualities for mom.

I have been making a few more covers lately and I really miss making them. I fought so hard to breastfeed and loved having a cover that I could use at Church and work that made me more comfortable. I want all moms to feel comfortable and covered, if they would like to be, while feeding their baby.

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