Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day...

So Father's Day is Sunday and here I am just a few days away with some fun gift ideas that you will probably not be able to get in time for the actual day but you can always give an IOU or image of the item right?! Ok maybe not. I also missed Mother's Day gift giving ideas...or maybe I did share them with you and I don't remember, which is highly likely.

Anyway I saw these and thought of so many local men that would love these.

Red envelope never disappoints and I think they are so cool because they come from an actual game from the team of your choice. They are rather pricey but hey they are real baseballs. See them here or click on the image.

Speaking of cuff links I saw these on Etsy and thought they were so cool.. A picture of the ones he loves on his sleeves.

Speaking of pictures of the ones he loves, this seller does the same thing with a tie tack.
This would be great if your husband doesn't have shirts that need cuff links. I might just have to get one of these for my husband next year. If your man doesn't like something so visible, I have invisible tie tacks that grab your tie from behind so that they don't go blowing in the wind or falling into your food.

I am not able to fulfill any orders between now and Sunday but I did make a few Daddy and Grandpa Established shirts and a set of handkerchiefs would have been perfect items to give to dad or grandpa. Here are some examples of ones I have made in the past. I am sure you have seen all of these but I love having a collection of "what to buy dad/grandpa" all in one place.

All of those items above that I make should be for sale on my Etsy site but I have it on vacation for this month due to actual vacation/stuff to do around the house vacation.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Father's day! Show those hard working men how much you love them.

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