Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pretty Things For Your Hair

A collection of hair pins that I made a few months ago for a craft event. I have been wanting to use some of my fabric scraps for a while to make button hair pins and so I started there and I love some of the sets that I came up with. I also used the fabric with these hair pin blanks and covered them with a sealant. I love the vintage look that those little metal flower petals give. I might have to try a pair of these on myself and take a picture to show how they look like in actual hair. That might never happen because the last thing I mess with is my hair.

Some of these I think would be best on someone under the age of 15 but I do know some bold ladies that would totally stick one of these in their hair. I even have a few miss matched sets that would be great to stack on one side of your head pushing the hair back.

These will be ready to purchase on Etsy when my shop is open again in July.

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