Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I Wore #21

What I Wore Sunday linkup


We had a great weekend full of parish picnics and bbq's and lots of family time. It is hard when my husband has to work on weekends but I am so glad to have family in town that I can go hang out with when we want to get out of the house. It was also wonderful not to have to cook most of the weekend...that is how I like it. :)

I pulled this dress out of the closet this morning since I wanted to wear something easy, a dress, and I haven't worn this since last fall. I got this while at a thrift store with a friend of mine last year and it was great while pregnant and it is even more wonderful now that I am nursing. It is very comfortable and I like that it is a brown print dress...a color of dress that I didn't used to own much of but now it seems like I have more and more. I like the pop of color green sash around the waste, adds some interest. The shoes are great little brown wedges that I got from target a few years back and I love that they have some bling on them...just enough to dress them up or down. A quick and easy outfit that was comfortable for the day while we were out and about after Mass.

Clothing Details:
Top: HalfTee
Dress: Goodwill. I can't remember what the tag says.
Shoes: Target a few years ago.

OOHH I am also linking up with did I miss her link up last week?!


Katrina Rose said...

Yay for thrift store finds! And an extra yay for being a non-maternity maternity dress and nursing friendly. Jackpot!

Carly said...

Lovely dress - I too especially love the pop of green with the sash!!! Beautiful!

Rachel said...

That looks very pretty on you--you're right, I can tell that brown looks very good on your skin tone!

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