Friday, May 28, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #21

These fabrics do not go together as one grouping like some of the other sets I have posted here. I picked these out at the same time and didn't to have three or four different posts. The black and green fabric at the bottom was something that I had been looking for and had not seen...I have something in mind for that fabric already.
I really love the brown and white floral it is so different but neutral. Who doesn't love those big bold polka dots that go with my favorite fabrics (#11 and 12 at the bottom of the blog). The pink swirl goes with some other fabrics that I have used before also.
We will see what these turn into...I think a few of these are too small for breastfeeding covers so maybe some onesies or maybe parts of aprons.
Whew this heat is making me not want to sit in front of my hot sewing machine. I need this vacation up north to cool off so I can come back and get to work.

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