Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Triple Shower Presents

We had a family shower for three of my cousins who are having babies...and they are sisters. FUN! I made each one a breastfeeding cover and onesie with the baby's initial on it. One of the girls is waiting to find out what she is having so I just put a question mark on it instead. I will put on the letter of the baby name ones baby arrives and is named. 
These are in due date order, cousin #1 is having a baby very soon and does not know what she is having. I thought this print was cute enough for mom but does not scream boy or girl to me. Cousin #2 is due second and she is having a baby girl who's name starts with L. I just found this fabric recently and it just makes me happy, I love the pinks, orange, and blue mixed together. Cousin #3 is due last and is having a boy who's name will start with B. I loved this print as well, blue for boy but still fun for mom to wear around town.
These last two fabrics will be showing up again on my Friday post so be looking for them again. I hope the new mama's enjoy these and so do the little ones.

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Jess said...

So cute Julia, I love them!

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