Thursday, June 10, 2010

Basket For Baby

This is a basket that I put together for a friend of mine who is adopting a baby from Ethiopia. She is doing some fundraising and instead of just donating I thought it would be more fun to give a basket of baby items for her to auction off. Feel free to go to her blog to read more about her Pancake breakfast and to hear more about her adoption. 
I have this new digital camera that I still can not figure out so next time I guess it is time to finally use my new digital SLR. Scary! Anyway I made a breastfeeding cover, a burp cloth, a taggie blanket, a onesie, a pair of baby leggings and a sachet.
Here is a closer look at the taggie blanket, neutral back with an ABC baby print on the front.
Here is the onesie with the cow jumping over the moon. I think it is so cute!

I wish them good luck on Saturday and can not wait to hear more about their adoption process.

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