Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Girl F and Update On Baby E

This order for a onesie and three burp cloths was for a baby shower two weekends ago out of town. This client said that baby F was going to be a girl and wanted to use the striped fabric. As we know I love the stripe fabric that she choose for baby F and was excited to use it once again.
This is the first time someone has ordered three matching burp cloths and I love them together! I think having a matching set is great and am glad someone else agrees.
Since this fabric has so many different colors in it I thought it would be best to keep more pink on the F for a girl instead of the green or blue. I love the way it turned out with the brown outline and little bits of green poking out.

This order is from the mom of baby E that I posted about here. I am always so touched by babies in general...if you stop and think about it having a baby is quite a feat, you have to get pregnant, then carry the baby for 9 months with no problems and then have a safe delivery. It is amazing to me how often that does not happen and people do not talk about it. With Mom's permission I want to share quickly a picture of Elias, aka baby E, who was born at 25 weeks and was 1.5 pounds. Mom says "he is now 5 months old and weighs 7.5 pounds and doing great!!". What a miracle that this baby was allowed to join this family here on earth and everyone gets to learn from the experience. Doesn't he just look so sweet and check him out in his onesie!! :)
We had something similar happen in our family, a cousin had her baby at about the same number of weeks and everyone in the family pulled together to pray for them and he is doing really well and about to have another sibling join him! What great things God does for us.

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