Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Etsy Debut

Well as I promised many many times I have finally started my etsy store. I created it last year and my goal was to post items on it this year and let everyone know about it. I worked on it a bit these past few days and have finally posted some items over the weekend.

The first items that I posted were the scarves that I showed you on Monday. I also posted custom onesies with matching leggings. I have a few more items that I hope to get posted over the next few weeks. Not only items that I have already made but some new items. We will see how much time I have, it has gotten harder these few weeks to get things finished, not only because I have a newborn but my husband broke his ankle. That means that all three of us hang out around the house all day and night and I have to help both of them! The bonus is that my husband can hold the baby while I work, but the bad part is that we share a computer and he has business items he needs to do as well, so it is a fight over the use of the computer.

Anyway enough talking please go check out my etsy site HERE and tell your friends about it. Not only do I hope to have more items posted on etsy I also still hope to have a paypal payment page here on the blog so there are several ways for you to order items.

It will happen, positive thinking.


Jessie said...

Yay for the etsy store! I just linked on my photography fan page so my clients can see your work and hopefully buy some of your outfits for their sessions! If I had a baby of my own I'd definitely be buying one (or five).

Designer Jules said...

How awesome of you to do that. Thank you for your support. They can buy on etsy or here on my products page.

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