Friday, February 11, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #56

I don't know if I would call this a new find but it is new to me. A year ago or so I was told that getting a photography light box might be a good idea to take pictures of my items. I figured that maybe I would get one one day but did not really look into it. I decided a few months ago that maybe I could make one and it might help with the pictures. 
So I looked on the internet to find out how to make one and it seemed pretty easy. I decided I was going to do it,  I would make my own and if it worked, great and if it didn't, oh well. So there is my finished light box above in the daylight and below is my finished light box in use. I am sure that the light bulb that I am using is not the correct photography light bulb and the same probably goes for the paper I used-which is poster board. I think it affects the color of the light in the box- as does my camera affect the color but I have not yet learned how to change it on my camera.
I thought the box was going to be big enough for my items but as it turns out it might not be as big as I was thinking. It will work well for my sachets and maybe burp cloths but really it is best used for smaller items like the scissors that I tried out above. I noticed if the item is too big then you will see the side seems. I am sure I could touch them up in photoshop but I have not tried that yet.
Here is a closeup of the item in the box, the color is more even than if I did not place it in the box but I think the color looks a little pink to me. I am not sure how to change the white balance on my camera, right now it is on auto white balance, I think that might help. Well it is a good start and cost me nothing so I will keep it for my smaller items.

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